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Maricopa Mining is an Arizona small business that specializes in exploration, mining and sales of gemstones, metals, minerals and mining claims. We currently own and operate multiple gemstone mines in the southwestern United States. We specialize in Fire Agate, Agate, Peridot, Amethyst, Gold and other gems and minerals found in the southwestern United States. Our primary focus as a junior mining company is on new resource exploration and the development of our existing gem mines.
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  • December 1, 2014 - Maricopa Mining Announces Deer Creek Arizona Mineral Exploration Permit

  • Maricopa Mining Announces Receipt of Deer Creek Arizona Mineral Exploration Permit

    Maricopa Mining announces an agreement with the State of Arizona on lands located at Deer Creek, Arizona.

    Maricopa, AZ, December 02, 2014 --( Maricopa Mining is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with the State of Arizona on lands located at Deer Creek, Arizona. This property adjoins the acclaimed historic fire agate gemstone mines, 'The One Track Mine' and 'The Deer Creek Fire Agate Mine', otherwise known as The Penny Pit. These mines have been the major past producers of the world renowned Deer Creek Fire Agate gemstones.

    Fire Agates, which have beautiful iridescent rainbow colors similar to opal, is an extremely rare precious gemstone found only in certain areas of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. Maricopa Mining has recently completed an extensive three year market analysis of the fire agate market and believes it has tremendous future growth potential.

    Maricopa Mining Manager, Thomas Cameron, elaborates on the agreement: "We are thrilled to have this property part of our company's mineral holdings and will soon commence field activities now that the required State bonding is in place. We believe this area has tremendous potential for valuable gemstone deposits, having had only limited exploration and mining activities done in the past. A full geologic mapping analysis and minerals assessment in this area is well deserved."

    Cameron continues: "It has been an exciting year for Maricopa Mining. We have had recent interest from private investors willing to add additional capital to our exploration and development activities. We have also been approached with some interesting gemstone opportunities that would require extensive capital investment so we are exploring all of our future financial options including a possible stock offering and public exchange listing."

    Maricopa Mining is a privately owned Arizona based junior mining company with a primary focus on gemstone exploration and mineral resource development. It currently holds and operates multiple gemstone mining claims throughout the southwestern United States.

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